Welcome to OKBQA Web Interface

This web interface provides some functionalities for you to use OKBQA system. More informations are available at here.

Components of Web Interface

Search bar

You can put your natural language question in and send a query request. The query should be sent with language option; English or Korean.


Logs about your query request will be shown in the [Log] tab. You can see the progress and statuses modules in our system. A log generated by each module becomes available right after the module is finished.


We are sorry. The [Template] tab is not yet ready. We will provide some template for you to be able to generate better natural language questions.


Sample natural language questions are provided as examples in [Example] tab. You can try these examples.


In the [Settings] tabs, you can set how to process a question, for example, addresses of modules. You can also set a sequence of modules The default settings are provided.

Resource URI Score Sparql query
{{ans.answer}} {{ans.score}} {{ans.query}}